ENFORCER ENSHARNED by Elizabeth Lapthorne

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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ENFORCER ENSHARNED by Elizabeth LapthorneEnforcer Ensnared by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Series: Urban Seductions #4
Published by Ellora's Cave on 2013-01-18
Genres: Erotica, Paranormal
Reviewed by Jo

As part of new and elite team which has members who are human police and agents with paranormal gifts, Angelina “Flame” Harling, a strong witch, has enjoyed working with her fellow teammates and how fast the various team members became a unit.  But there is one specific team member that Angelina would like to get a whole lot closer to and she has just been partnered to him.

Bradley McKinnon Worthington IV, known as “Blade” is one of the paranormal enforcers who is now also part of the new police team.  Blade has known Flame for a while but he has never let the passion he has felt show to anyone and especially not to Flame.  However, when they are teamed up and after one intense mission, Blade and Flame finally let their passions free.   That interlude just seems to strengthen their partnership as their current job turns nasty.

The unit has been on the hunt for ring that has developed and is running a new drug that has serious magical aspects and is also killing people left and right.  The combination of human police and paranormal agents is working well on this mission with all the different knowledge and contacts they share with each other.  However, just when it seems that the team is much closer to capturing the ring members, the unit is broken up with no good reason.  While this development re-assigns the police members of the team, it frees the paranormal members to continue the investigation.  Blade and Flame are continuing to track down and get information on the drug ring members with some help from a new source.  As Blade and Flame find the answers and discover who is behind the new drug, the passion and danger swirls around them.  When it times to take down the drug ring, it’s all hands and team members on deck and the successful mission leads to high corruption.  After their successful partnership in bringing down the drug ring, Blade and Flame are ready to face their passion filled future together – a future that might just hold bright things for all the team members.

When a strong witch and a paranormal enforcer are teamed up, it’s their passion that leads the charge.  Blade and Flame learn that the most successful partnerships combine respect, friendship and love in Enforcer Ensnared.  I enjoyed watching as Blade and Flame explored just where their feelings would go while completing their mission of destroying the drug ring.  I also loved how as their passions increased so did their working partnership.  I could see that this new tie would only increase their abilities.  After all, the best partners seem to know what the other is thinking or how each other will act instinctively.  By the end, I could see that the future was extremely bright for Blade and Flame and I truly hope that Blade’s idea comes to fruition and the team finds a way to be together again.  Enforcer Ensnared has suspense, paranormal aspects and passion – a perfect trifecta in my opinion.


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