PROTECTING HIS WITCH by Zoe ForwardProtecting His Witch by Zoe Forward
Series: Keepers of the Veil #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC

Reviewed by Jo

Kat Ramsey is a hard working veterinarian, and she also enjoys ballroom dancing competitions with a great friend.  Kat is beginning to wonder about her sanity, because she has always seemed to appear in a place that isn’t quite home. When in college, she might have even put a curse on a guy who treated her like the worse type of one night stand.  However, no one believes in witches, so that is just her emotions overreacting after a dreadful morning.


Matthew Ryan is a billionaire and a former druid, so you would think his life was all roses.  Not so much, because his course in life has never been Matthew’s to control and, to top it off, he was cursed in college and has never had a successful relationship with a woman since then.  Matthew has tried to track down the woman who could take away the curse and solve one of his problems, but she seemed to disappear after that night.  So, imagine his amazement when she suddenly appears and then disappears again.  This time, Matthew is determined to find Kat and find out what is going on.


Kat is shocked to see Matthew again after so many years and not at all happy that she still feels the same intense connection to him that she has had since the first moment they locked eyes.  Matthew left his druid heritage behind him years ago, and he has no intention to ever have anything to do with it again.  That is, until he learns just who Kat really is and his place in her destiny.  Kat is sure that she has fallen into a fantasy, until she face to face with people trying to kill her and the fact that Matthew is the only one seemingly able to save her each and every time.  Things come to a head when Kat learns her real place in the world and what she may have to give up if she decides to accept it.  The intense feelings between Kat and Matthew could easily be allowed to blossom into love, but only if both Kat and Matthew can accept their fates and live through the night of acceptance.


Take a college night of passion, toss in a woman scorned in public, and a guy shocked multiple times in life and love, and you have just a touch of what happens in Protecting His Witch.  I would have had the same thoughts as Kat if I’d found myself bouncing from one reality to another and back again as I matured into an adult.  There were several times that I felt for Matthew, too, but I would have punched him that first morning for how he handled things.  Watching as Kat and Matthew tried to fight what fate had in store for them had me shaking my head in places and laughing at them at other times. As the danger came closer and closer to Kat, I loved how Matthew took such a protective stance towards her while still trying to deny the facts.  Life may have treated both Kat and Matthew poorly as they grew up, however, it appears they will have the last laugh along with a life filled with passion, magic, and especially, love.  Protecting His Witch is full of romantic misunderstandings, hard knocks, tempting the fates, danger and, of course, passion. In other words, life with all its ups and down with a magical touch.  I hope to see another chapter in this series soon.

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