SWAYING THE MARINE’S LOYALTY by Charlie RichardsSwaying the Marine's Loyalty by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #36
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Sergeant Armand Zeroni had barely been back to base forty-eight hours after a grueling deployment before the strangest thing happened.  Armand awoke in a bed he didn’t recognize, in a room he didn’t know.  Even crazier was finding General Jackson Parker tied to a chair in another room down the hall.  Releasing his superior the two quietly made their way out of the house and spent a cold night in the forest before coming across Zakhar Kuznetsov, who points them toward the trailhead and freedom.


Believing they’ve successfully evaded their captors Armand and the General are furious when they are recaptured and quickly separated.  It’s disconcerting to realize Zakhar played them and the story Armand is told can’t possibly be true.


It’s a lot for the steady, down to earth marine to swallow.  Stories of shifters, vampires, and secret labs seem too farfetched to be real, yet there must be some truth in the whole thing because Armand has never felt such a powerful desire for another.  If Zakhar is being honest with Armand about their bond maybe the rest of his crazy talk is real as well.


Author Charlie Richards continues to breathe fresh life into her popular long running Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  The thirty-sixth installment is Swaying The Marine’s Loyalty.  Characters deal with another twist in the war between paranormals and scientists bent on their destruction.  This time out Armand Zeroni, a solid marine is brought into their world by way of his beloved Zakhar, a vampire.  Embrace Swaying the Marine’s Loyalty where love and honor actually mean something.

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