TWO FOR TAMARA by Elle BoonTwo for Tamara by Elle Boon
Series: Ravens of War #2
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Siren-BookStrand

Reviewed by Lisa

Tamara Mejia is a human seer.  She’s seen her own murder foretold with a vision of crows.  For that reason Tamara lives each day to its fullest, embracing all that life offers.  Since her teenage years she’s been best friends with Selena Ramos, always knowing that her BFF is something special.


After Selena was revealed to be a goddess and then married Ravens of War Max and Malcolm King life should have settled down, at least somewhat.  It wasn’t to be however because two other Ravens of War also created by the great god Zeus realized that Tamara was their own Fated, their mate.


Rafe Blackstone and Vin Thorn have done their duty to the gods on Olympus and rejoice in finding Tamara Mejia.  No matter how many roadblocks she puts in place they won’t give up.  They don’t know of Tamara’s vision of death, they only know that together they will complete each other.  There’s also the matter of Zeus’s father Cronus who’s still after Selena and figuring out that the way to his granddaughter might be through Tamara.  Nothing like a few complications on the road to love.


All bets are off when the gods get involved in Two for Tamara, the second story in a unique new series.  A free spirit, Tamara is a feisty law unto herself when faced with Rafe and Vin and their insistence on her place with them.  Two for Tamara is a gritty, complex romance with the occasional tense and scary moment.  The Ravens of War series is building into something special.

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